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Storage tips

Storage Tips

  • Use only the highest quality packing boxes. These and other materials are available at the Mehlville Storage sales office.
  • To aid in stacking, use same-size boxes when possible. Be sure your boxes are strong enough to hold 25 to 30 lbs. Stack lighter weight boxes on top of heavier. Avoid storing items in plastic bags as they are less sturdy and could trap moisture.
  • Fill each box completely to prevent the top or sides from crushing, however, don’t fill boxes too full. They may burst if overloaded. Also, don’t make them so heavy that you can’t move them. If your box is filled with odd-shaped or loose items like glassware or knickknacks, fill the open spaces with crumpled paper, bubble wrap or other packing material.
  • Take a little time to plan and organize your storage space. Make a list of items that you have in storage and keep in a safe place. Place those items you need to access often in the front & leave a walkway to the back of the unit. This should make it easier to find things in the future and less likely that anything will get damaged during a move or while in storage.
  • Take apart items like bed frames and tables, and remove lampshades from lamps. Also, wrap furniture legs with bubble wrap. This will help protect them from breaking and make them easier to move.
  • Store mirrors and pictures in an upright position. Wrap with cardboard or paper pads and mark “Fragile”. Crisscross masking tape across the face of mirrors or glass-covered art as well.
  • Label boxes clearly and on more than one side. Consider providing a general description like ‘kitchen goods’ and then providing a short inventory such as potholders, towels, aprons, silverware, etc.
  • Tightly seal all boxes with packing tape to help keep dust out.
  • Place your items on wooden pallets or sheets of plastic tarp to guard against dampness. Also, cover furniture with light plastic sheets, tarps or blankets to protect them from stains, tears, scratches and dampness.
  • Leave an airspace around the unit’s perimeter to aid in ventilation.
  • Use shelving to maximize your storage space.
  • Drain gas from mowers and other power equipment. Wipe a few drops of machine oil on metal tools, and equipment to prevent rusting. (Federal & State Laws prohibit storage of any combustible items in your storage unit.)
  • If you stand mattresses on their side, put them up so that they stand straight. They may tend to bend out of shape and become lumpy.
  • Sofas and love seats may be stored on end to save space (except sleeper sofas). Always place a protective cover (never cardboard) under the items on the concrete.
  • Dishes and glasses should be wrapped in paper and packed in sturdier boxes marked as “Fragile”. Stack the dishes on end and wrap individually. Place like-sized items together. Nest individually wrapped cups together.
  • Shovels, hoes, rakes and hoses can be stored together in empty trash cans. Stack extra cans inside one another.
  • Store records on edge. They are quite heavy, so be sure you don’t pack too many in one box.
  • Hang clothes and draperies in wardrobe boxes.
  • Use a good quality lock on your storage door. Inexpensive locks rust and do not provide good security. We recommend only disc locks because of their added security. Locks are available at the Mehlville Storage sales office.

Mehlville Storage has boxes, locks, moving and packing supplies in stock to help complete your move, as well as meet your storage needs. Come in the sales office and check out the Mehlville Packing Center.

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